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Some Interesting Articles from the National Center of Homeopathy:

This link brings you to articles that have been published in Homeopathy Today.  They provide excellent insight into different aspects of homeopathy, answering many questions and addressing concerns typical of those who are new to homeopathy.

The following are my four favorites:

The Difference Between Conventional and Homeopathic Treatment

How are Homeopathic Medicines Prescribed?

What is Homeopathy?

Child Resource Guide

Below is a link to Dr. Timothy Dooley’s very readable book entitled, “Homeopathy: Beyond Flat Earth Medicine”. It is available as a pdf through this link, or you can purchase a hard copy at most booksellers.

His down to earth approach is succinctly informative for someone who wants to learn more about homeopathy and its practical applications. In addition to a brief history and introduction to homeopathy, Dr. Dooley presents excerpts of cases from his practice that highlight the efficacy of homeopathy and its gentle, curative properties.